Stomach & Bowels


When we look at what can cause stomach pain, high on the list is irritable bowel syndrome with it’s many symptoms.  We will  touch briefly on foods that cause irritable bowel syndrome.  IBD can be effectively cured by natural means if you get on the right program.  As you might imagine diet has a huge effect on this condition as we will see.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms


Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms (IBS) range from intestinal gas and stomach pain to bloating to flatulence or farting.  These are the commonly occurring symptoms that lead to a lot of stomach pain.  Everyone will sometimes eat something that causes a one-time stomach condition.  This is not IBS, but if you are having these symptoms all the time then you probably have IBS.


Major Irritable Bowel Syndrome Signs and Symptoms


Belching or burping expels gas through the mouth.  This can happen when the stomach is bloated due to swallowed air or gas trapped in the stomach.  This cause’s additional stomach pain as the stomach becomes more and more bloated.   As when a mother pats a baby on the back to burp it, likewise your discomfort will be relieved when the extra air or gas is expelled by belching.  With irritable bowel syndrome you may experience unusual abdominal bloating that can aggravate the condition and can cause even more stomach pain.

Another condition, aerophobia, is caused by rapid gulping of food and drink and by frequent consumption of carbonated beverages.  There are lots of reasons to avoid soft drinks but if you are suffering from IBS then you want to stay far away from these gut bombs.

Here are two conditions which may seem related but which are different.  In bloating, described above, the stomach feels larger than normal as the air and gases push against it.  A condition known as distention is the actual enlargement of the stomach and abdomen.  Both can create great discomfort and stomach pain.  Distintion is often accompanied by bloating. Distinction can be caused by an actual increase in abdominal tissue or by extra air and fluid in the abdomen.

Flatulence (farting) is gas passing through the anus.  This can be caused by intestinal bacteria further digesting food that was not properly digested in the small intestine.  Often this improperly digested food is high in sugar.  Foods that cause irritable bowel syndrome include orbital (used in low calorie foods), lactose – lactose intolerance is common with IBS sufferers and they are often told to avoid milk, the food with this kind of sugar.  Finally fructose, this is the sweetener used in soft drinks and candy, although recently it has begun to appear everywhere and aside from causing IBS sufferers more difficulty, it is making everyone fat because the body cannot properly digest it.  Common diets for irritable bowel syndrome often limit these foods to a good effect.

I invite you to learn more about what can cause stomach pain, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, and a diet for irritable bowel syndrome by learning about the “Great Taste No Pain” program.


Homeopathy Treatment


Homeopathy not only works on the physical aspect, but also on the

mental, and emotional state of the individual. IBS calls for the treatment which should address the emotional stress, the stress coping system and the intestinal hypersensitivity. This is what homeopathy attempts to do exactly. Scientific and documented study shows that the homeopathic treatment helps achieve:


1)    Soothing of mind


2)   Slowing down of negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness, frustration, hyperactivity,        anger, restlessness, etc.


3)    Helping body’s stress coping system


4)    Alleviating the abnormal hypersensitivity of the bowels


5)    Relieving the symptoms of bowel hyper motility


6)    Enhancing level of joyous state of mind


7)    Individualistic approach whereby every patient is treated based on one’s case